Webcast: The Most Insidious Cybersecurity Threat Is Also The Least Understood

When: Tuesday, April 25th | Schedule: 12pm – 1pm EST


  • Paul Caiazzo, CEO and Co-Founder, TruShield Security Solutions
  • Michael Brice, Founder, BW Cyber Services
  • John Lukan, Managing Director, SEC Compliance Consultants, Inc.

Ransomware, the least understood cybersecurity threat to market participants, affects an estimated 1 in 4 annually. It can be compared to the ever-morphing “superbugs” that the CDC and the WHO fear will become the World’s next pandemic. Just as these superbugs are able to mutate into more aggressive threats to the world’s health, the ransomware threat is mutating at a parabolic rate as it becomes the tool of choice to an ever-increasing number of bad actors. These bad actors range from high-school students using simple kiddie scripts purchased off the web to organized crime rings using sophisticated schemes to steal valuable data that is sold on the dark web.

The majority of investment managers and other market participants are completely unaware of the crippling effects ransomware presents, including potential extortion. The market participants who are aware of this debilitating attack often feel helpless not knowing how to protect themselves. There are practical steps and simple solutions that you can take to prevent or contain the crippling aftermath of a ransomware, cyber-attack.

In this webcast, our panel will lift the veil that often cloaks the many variations of ransomware and explain just how easy it is for “wanna-be” criminals looking for a quick payday to obtain the ability to cryptolock a target’s files. Participants will learn where the potential vulnerabilities exist and how to defend against them.

Through a real-life case study participants will learn what the regulators expect from market participants to protect themselves, what to do immediately following an attack and their ongoing obligations. If SEC and/or FINRA registrants have any hope of avoiding a regulatory enforcement action, it is imperative they can demonstrate that they have adequate policies and procedures to address the various cybersecurity threats including those presented from ransomware. Failure to do so, can have expensive consequences due to both regulatory and civil litigation.

We will wrap up the presentation with an interactive Q&A session.

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