SEC3 Offers Private Fund Registration and Compliance Services

Janaya Moscony, CFA, President of SEC3 says, “Once registered, private fund managers must follow the same rules as traditional managers. However, the difference in business models and infrastructure between the different types of private funds and traditional managers can be significant. Recognizing these differences we have developed services to fit the different models and requirements of private fund managers.

Our SEC knowledge and private fund experience is what differentiates us from our competitors

We have published a 2 part series for private fund managers. The first is our Guide to SEC Registration and Compliance for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds which discusses the Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act of 2010 (“the Act”) in detail as well as the registration process and what is expected by the SEC.   The second document – Private Fund Registration and On-going Compliance Requirements – Understanding Your Options is a related piece describing our service offering and addressing many of the questions we have received from private fund managers .  We discuss various options a manager may have with regard to satisfying a firm’s regulatory obligations including how to vet compliance service providers, what resources a firm may need to devote to compliance, and when, and if, a firm needs to hire a dedicated Chief Compliance Officer.

The piece also explains in detail our specific private fund offerings, which in summary are: (1) Basic Registration – SEC registration, a customized compliance manual and initial firm training; (2) Your First 15 Months – Basic Registration along with on-going consultancy support, periodic documented compliance reviews, and assistance with a manager’s first required annual compliance review; and (3) Compliance Partnership SEC3 performs much of the heavy lifting involved in managing the compliance program.  The compelling reason for the partnership is that the in-house CCO will partner with SEC3’s ex-SEC regulators who will conduct the majority of compliance functions.  The total cost of the partnership is far less than staffing and developing a complete “in-house” compliance department.

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